Santa Fe Storage and Moving is one of the most reliable, professional, and experienced storage and moving companies in Santa Fe.  We have specialized in providing easy stress-free moving and storage in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 1946.

Santa Fe Storage and Moving understands that moving, packing, & storing usually indicates that a bigger project or change is taking place. With our help, you can keep your focus on the important things while we take the stress and hassle out of protecting your valuables. We save you time and time saves money. And you don’t have to worry — we do it professionally, reliably and securely.

When it’s time to pack and move or store valuable business assets or personal treasures, it’s a must that service be professional, reliable and secure. But that’s not enough!  Santa Fe Storage and Moving delivers these essential services in a simple, stress-free and friendly way! Ours is a revolutionary solution to a traditionally exhausting and worrisome task — we do the work!